Monday, July 16, 2018

The desecration of Kingston Penitentiary.

Are you serious? The Kingston Penitentiary is a National Historic Site of Canada, a former Classified Federal Heritage Building complex, and a famous landmark known throughout the world. A landmark that could last 4,000 years, because it was built with limestone.
But heritage apparently means nothing to Kingston Mayor Paterson or Councillor Liz Schell.

Canada Lands Company has been liquidating Canadian federal property for decades.

The 100,000 acres of Canadian National Railway land, owned by the people of Canada, were privatized.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has been delisted from the Federal Directory of Real Property.

In April of 1998 all residential land holdings of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, worth $62 million dollars were transferred to Canada Lands. That includes Benny Farm and Regent Park.
Vacant land next to CMHC Headquarters at 800 Montreal Road in Ottawa was recently sold.

One thousand lighthouses were declared "surplus" by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. And a Coast Guard Base in Kingston, Ontario has to relocate so that Canada Lands Company can sell the land to high rise condominium builders.

Dozens of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada experimental farms are gone.

The 27 Veterans Affairs hospitals were declared "surplus" including Senneville Lodge and the Rideau Veterans property on Smyth Road next to CHEO and the Ottawa General Hospital. Submission on Canada Lands project - 363 Smyth Road, Ottawa:
     "It is apparent that the consensus from the residents in the surrounding communities was overwhelmingly negative. The only beneficiaries will be Canada Lands and the developers who are contracted to do the development...This totally unnecessary and unwanted project has now been approved over our heads by the city." 
     The National Defence Medical Centre on Alta Vista Drive  in Ottawa will eventually be transferred to the Canada Lands Company.

Save the Greenbelt! Ottawa plans to turn 1/3rd of the Greenbelt into subdivisions---Ottawa.
Keep Ottawa's Greenbelt Green---Ottawa.

Now its time to sell off the entire portfolio of "aging" Corrections Canada prisons, including the Prison for Women, Kingston Pen, the Canada Lands Company owned St. Vincent de Paul Penitentiary, Collins Bay, Saskatchewan Pen, Beaver Creek in Muskoka...

Then it will be time to sell off the Environment Canada/Parks Canada properties, the National Historic Sites and National Parks.The Citadels in Quebec and Nova Scotia. Fort Henry in Kingston. Don't laugh, this has been their plan all along. As I mentioned before, the Fraser Institute is calling for the transfer of all National Parks in British Columbia to the Province of British Columbia. The Fraser Institute document outlining their recommendations called "Introduction When a Country" was removed from the Internet.
Let the Future Begin 1997.
According to the above document "Let the Future Begin" all federal property in Canada will be transferred to the Canada Lands Company. That includes the National Parks in Alberta....Banff National Park, Jasper National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park.

Canada Lands Company privatizes Government of Canada real estate, and keeps all the money from the sale of property to developers and other entities.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Government of Canada supports UNESCO's Heritage Emergency Fund.

     "We recognize the role that heritage plays with regard to identity, cultural diversity, peace and security, as well as the importance of international cooperation to preserve it..." The Honorable Melanie Joly, Canadian Federal Minister of Heritage, in the year 2017.

UNESCO Heritage Emergency funds are provided to already designated World Heritage Sites that are at risk, because of urban development, weather conditions, vandalism...

1.) The UNESCO Historic City of Vienna - endangered because of new high rise projects.

2.) The UNESCO Liverpool-Maritime Mercantile City - endangered due to the proposed redevelopment of historic docklands, called Liverpool Waters.
Liverpool Waters, a massive redevelopment of the city's waterfront, that will probably never get off the ground because of the city's designation as a world heritage site.

    Either the entire city of Kingston, Ontario or the Village of Portsmouth should be proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. That will save the Pen from being flattened. That will stop the Prison for Women from being further vandalized---the original gates to P4W were given or sold to a developer.
And the beautiful murals depicting angels, clouds and unicorns that were painted on the Administration Building vestibule walls were probably whitewashed.
 The City of Kingston, Ontario already has a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kingston Fortifications:
Fort Henry
Fort Frederick
the Murney Tower
the Shoal Tower
the Cathcart Martello Tower

One of the nightmare scenarios for The Big House.

Mahatma Gandhi once said:
        "A nation's culture resides in the hearts and the soul of its people".

Kingston, Ontario is known as "The Limestone City" where history meets innovation. Queen's University, Fort Henry, the Royal Military College, the Martello Towers, the limestone Prison for Women and The Big House and many other buildings and complexes are part of the city's DNA, it's heart and soul.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

My father loved beautiful buildings and landmarks.

Postcard- Cathedral Haupstadt in Berlin
The following photographs were taken in Germany during the 1960's.


Postcard-Westphalen, Germany
Postcard- The oldest town of Westphalia Historic Site.
Postcard - Soest

Many people in Kingston, Ontario are opposed to waterfront development plans.

Petition to Conserve the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour (POH) Greenspace and Character

1.) This is our park, it should not be for sale, as well as the Kingston Pen. They olympic harbour is already there for use by the sailboaters. AS well...the City urgently needs stable revenue...use the Kingston Pen as a tourist attraction! don't tear down the walls!

2.) Developing this beautiful space would be an absolute travesty.

3.) Kingston needs to hold on to its green spaces.

4.) Taking beautiful space from the people of the community is just another example of the greed of people and politicians. It's a great shame.

5.) I believe in preserving our green space and park lands - they are irreplaceable. You can build anywhere...else.

Petition Don't Erase History - Protect the Penitentiary
Help preserve the National Historic Site of Kingston Penitentiary

1.) It's so important to keep Canada's history alive. Nothing compares to seeing and touching our past first hand. Kingston Penitentiary is not a glamorous historical landmark but it is a place where men, (wo)men and for a time children, served their time..

2.) Being such a huge part of our Nation's history we should preserve it. Let's look at the possibilities for the city of Kingston making a profit by leaving our history intact.

3.) This prison deserves to be preserved as one of Canada's historical sites!


Frontenac Heritage Foundation - "The Importance of Kingston Penitentiary" 
A November 2016 meeting.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Destroying a country's built heritage is indefensible.

  "Destruction of cultural heritage is an attack on people and their fundamental rights" - United Nations expert. 
  Plans are underway to demolish half of the Kingston Penitentiary, so that residential towers, a hotel and townhouses can be built on the site. Much of Canada's railway and military history is gone, thanks to out-of-control federal Crown corporations:

1.) The Spadina roundhouse in Toronto was removed to make way for the Skydome/Rogers Centre.
2.) The Kingston Ontario CNR train station...gone.
3.) The National Capital Commission planned to demolish the CNR train station in Ottawa, now the Conference Centre - read "NCC blunders".
4.) the Parkdale and Sunnyside train stations in Toronto - gone.
 Many federal Crown corporations in Canada are permitted to keep all the money from the sale of land and buildings to developers.

You are right, local politician Liz Schell, the Kingston Pen may be a National Historic Site of Canada, but that means nothing. "It's designated (for heritage) but that means nothing." (From: "City endorses heritage and housing for Kingston Penitentiary and Portsmouth harbour".)

The Portsmouth Olympic Harbour in Kingston, Ontario is a Department of Fisheries and Oceans property. Canada Lands Company plans to buy the site.
In Richmond, British Columbia there was tremendous opposition to the proposed massive redevelopment of a Fisheries and Oceans Canada property the Garden City Lands:
1.) Petition Update - Garden City Land GRAB
2.) Save Garden City - the Coalition request to Canada Lands Company.
The 136.5 acre Garden City Lands were eventually purchased by the City of Richmond, and the entire parcel of land is a public park.

The Upton Farm in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island is now green space, thanks to federal, provincial and municipal politicians:
Federal Minister of Agriculture Gerry Ritz, who also saved the Ravenwood Experimental Farm in Charlottetown.
Prince Edward Island Premier Pat Binns
Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz
Member of Federal Parliament Shawn Murphy
Conservative Candidate Tom DeBois
Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee
City MLA's
The song "Help Save Old Upton Farm" is on YouTube.
The 246-acre parcel of land was bought by the province of PEI, Upton Farm is a public park.
The 246-acre former Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Experimental Farm.

The Old Town of Lunenburg and the Historic District of Old Quebec are UNESCO World Heritage sites in Canada. It is time for Kingston, Ontario to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
 To keep the Kingston Pen and Prison for Women from being dynamited out of existence. To save Rockwood and the Portsmouth Harbour.

Former American First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and many other people helped to save Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Letter from Jacqueline Kennedy to Mayor Beame:
              Dear Mayor Beame: Is it not cruel to let our city die by degrees, stripped of all her proud moments, until there is nothing left of all her history and beauty to inspire our children? If they are not inspired by the past of our city where will they find the strength to fight for our future? Americans care about their past, but for short term gain they ignore it and tear down everything that matters.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Canadian federal landmarks that were privatized by Canada Lands Company

Dominion Public Building in Toronto, sold in the year 2018.
Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa.
Fort Garry Hotel Winnipeg
Bessborough Hotel Saskatoon

Prison for Women, Kingston (
Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton.
Fraser Institute
"Properties such as the CN Tower and others held by Canada Lands could also be sold. The fact is Canadians would benefit tremendously from a sweeping privatization of Crown assets". (From: Time to privatize: Government should begin selling off assets.)
Let the Future Begin - March 1997

"All remaining federal real estate assets" includes the properties owned by :
Corrections Canada
Fisheries and Oceans Canada - One thousand federal lighthouses were denationalized.
Canada Mortgage and Housing
Parks Canada - The Fraser Institute is calling for the devolution of all the National Parks in British Columbia to the provincial government of B.C.
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Canada Post
Health Canada
Natural Resources Canada
PWGSC - Public Works and Government Services Canada.
National Capital Commission

I am standing in front of the privatized Peggy's Cove Lighthouse in Nova Scotia.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Canadians are traumatized, when national landmarks are demolished.

     Half of the Kingston Penitentiary will be reduced to rubble, thanks to local politicians in Kingston, Ontario and a federal Crown corporation.
The Pen is a National Historic Site of Canada; a former Classified Federal Heritage Building; a landmark that could last 4 thousand years because of the construction materials used and fine workmanship.
The Kingston Penitentiary Proposal
     "The proposal...recommends preserving roughly half of the existing federally owned penitentiary grounds as is for 'tourism and heritage purposes'. The other half of the grounds-mostly the southern portion, closer to the waterfront - could be re purposed for commercial or residential development, including towers as high as 25 storeys".
(From:" Sailing Centre, waterfront park touted for Kingston Penitentiary redevelopment" - written by Trevor Pritchard, CBC Radio's All in a Day, 2017).

Are you people insane? I don't even live in Kingston, yet I would feel demoralized if I saw a video showing the Kingston Pen imploding, I would probably break down and cry.
 How do you think the people of Kingston will feel, when they see and hear the explosions that level the southern portion of the Pen? You are tearing the heart and soul out of this community, Canada Lands Company.

The President of the Frontenac Heritage Foundation Floyd Patterson said:
      "The federal government has the power to demolish them. (the KP buildings) However we concluded that would be absolutely atrocious, grievous, scandalous". (From:"Group tries to get Kingston Penitentiary heritage status" written by Peter Hendra, Toronto Sun.)
     The word "nationalism" is defined as:

1.) loyalty and devotion to a nation; especially: a sense of national consciousness.
1.c) exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups. (Mirriam-Webster)

The international agency UNESCO protects endangered archaeological sites, heritage buildings, land masses, military fortifications, former prisons.
It's time to get UNESCO involved. Canada's cultural history is more important than  25-storey high rise buildings. Our collective morale, our sense of pride as a country are more important than a real estate developer's bank account. Symbols unite us---our Maple Leaf Flag, Coat of Arms, Dominion Buildings, National Anthem O Canada and landmarks, including the Kingston Pen, the Prison for Women and Collins Bay Pen.

Kingston Penitentiary (Photo from Wikipedia)