Thursday, October 11, 2012

Many Canadian government buildings were named in honour of notable individuals.

  1. Harry Hays Building in Calgary, Alberta -  Harry Hays was a Mayor of Calgary, an MP who became the Minister of Agriculture in the Pearson government, and an advocate of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Harry Hays Building was sold in 2007.
  2. Thomas D'Arcy McGee Building in Ottawa, Ontario - Thomas D'Arcy McGee was a Father of Canadian Confederation, an Irish Nationalist; and he denounced the Fenian Brotherhood in the United States, which advocated the takeover of Canada by the Americans. He was assassinated on April 7, 1868 on Sparks Street in Ottawa, near the building that bears his name. The McGee Building was sold.
  3. The Lorne Building in Ottawa 
  4. The Sir John Carling Building in Ottawa - the Hon. John Carling was a businessman and politician from London, Ontario, and his father founded the Carling Brewery. John Carling was a Conservative MP in the House of Commons; Postmaster General and from 1885 until 1891, Federal Minister of Agriculture. The Grand Trunk Railway built railway cars in London, Ontario, thanks to his influence.The Sir John Carling Building was constructed in 1967, and became the headquarters of the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.The award-winning building may soon be demolished.
  5. Sinclair Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia 
  6. Sam Livingston Building in Calgary 
  7. Joseph Shepard Building in Toronto, Ontario -
  8. Sir John Thompson Building in Halifax, Nova Scotia -  Sir John Thompson was a Premier of Nova Scotia and a federal Member of Parliament. As a Minister of Justice, he created the first Criminal Code of Canada. Sir John Thompson was Canada's fourth Prime Minister. 
  9.  R.H. Coats - was Canada's first Dominion Statistician.
  10. Jean Talon - was Canada's first official statistician; he conducted Canada's first official census during the winter of 1665-66.
  11. Brooke Claxton - was a Canadian World War 1 Veteran; Federal Minister of National Health and Welfare and Minister of National Defence.
  12. Sir Frederick G. Banting Research Centre - Sir Frederick Banting discovered insulin; was a Nobel Prize Winner, and a CBC poll named the scientist and physician one of the Top 10 Greatest Canadians in 2004, behind Tommy Douglas, Terry Fox and Pierre Trudeau.
  13. C.D. Howe Building in Ottawa
  14. Lester B. Pearson Building in Ottawa
  15. Paul Martin Building in Windsor, Ontario
  16. L'Esplanade Laurier Ottawa
  17. Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport Montreal
  18. Joseph Smallwood Building
  19. Place Vincent Massey in Hull, Quebec
  20. Sir Charles Tupper Building in Ottawa
  21. Joseph Ghiz Building, Summerside. Prince Edward Island
  22. Edward Drake Building at 1500 Bronson Avenue Ottawa

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