Monday, December 3, 2012

The privatization of Canadian public property.

The Canada Lands Company, a Crown corporation that plans to privatize all federal land and buildings(see "Let The Future Begin") would be unable to achieve its goal without the cooperation of the following entities and laws:

1. Parks Canada Agency - Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada - once a National Historic Site or historic building is transferred to Canada Lands, the  train station, battlefield, museum, aircraft hangar, prison...loses all heritage designation and protection.  Our built heritage laws are deliberately weak to non-existent.
For 20 years, the de Havilland Aircraft Company Ltd. factory at Downsview in Toronto was a Recognized Federal Heritage Building. The Toronto Island Airport Terminal Building (Billy Bishop Airport) is being carefully dismantled and transferred to Downsview:

The Billy Bishop Airport will be rebuilt at the former CFB Downsview in Toronto.
The Clock Tower at the Old Port of Montreal and Silo #5 in Montreal were also designated buildings. Canada Lands Company plans to redevelop 26 acres of land at Cite du Havre in Montreal. In my opinion, Expo '67 should have been preserved (all of the pavilions, parks and the monorail) as a National Historic Site.
2. The Canadian Forces Housing Agency, or CFHA.
3. The Ontario Municipal Board.
4. Federal laws---" The Crown Corporations Dissolution or Transfer of Authority Act";"The Surplus Crown Assets Act"; "The Museums Act"; "The Broadcasting Act"; "The Canada Post Corporation Act"; "The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Act";"The Canadian National Parks Act" ---
 Brewster Travel, the subsidiary of a Phoenix, Arizona company, is blasting a tourist attraction onto the face of a mountain in Jasper National Park. Brewster Travel and the Canada Lands Company occupy space in the former CNR train station in Jasper, Alberta:
The Glacier Discovery Walk at the Columbia Icefields in Jasper National Park.
5.  National Capital Commission - 73.5 acres of land were severed from the Greenbelt to create "Deerfield Village" in Ottawa. The CN Tower is owned by the Canada Lands Company; the National Capital Commission gave the CN Tower 18,000 tulip bulbs for a "Communities in Bloom" project.
6. Municipal politicians in Ottawa, who want to see Tunney's Pasture, the Booth Street Complex, the Experimental Farm, CFB Rockcliffe and Canadian Food Inspection Agency lands owned by Agriculture Canada sold to developers and transportation companies--- for subdivisions and high-rise residential and commercial buildings; and a light-rail project; or streetcars.
Average Canadians rarely profit from the sale of publicly-owned land and infrastructure. Five hundred million Canadian tax dollars were spent, to build the SkyDome/Rogers Centre in Toronto; Rogers Communications bought the stadium for $25 million dollars. The CN Tower is "non-federal owned", so if the Finance Minister sells the world-famous landmark, not one dime will be deposited into the Consolidated Revenue Fund to lower the deficit. Canada Lands Company will pocket the money.
7. Corrections Canada - The Kingston Penitentiary was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1990, because of:
      "...the sophistication of its plan, its size, its age and the number of its physical facilities of special architectural merit that survive from the 19th century." (From: Canada's Historic Places). But KP, or The Big House may be demolished, because the pen has apparently "outlived its usefulness", and waterfront land is more valuable (to condominium builders) than  limestone buildings constructed in 1834. The Crown corporation that disposes of  government buildings is called "The Canada Lands Company", not the "Canada Land and Buildings Company".
CLC plans to demolish a school at CFB Edmonton that is worth $1,603, 974 dollars; CLC believes that the Brigadier Gault School is worth nothing, nil---see:
Citation: Canada Lands Company v. Alberta (Municipal Government Board)  2008   ABQB51.
8. The bureaucrat or politician who decreed that Crown corporations would operate at arms-length from government.
9. A former head of the Ontario Realty Corporation was a Canada Lands Company executive for several years--- federal properties may be transferred to provincial Crown corporations, and vice versa. The Ontario Realty Corporation sells very historic landmarks (the Bowmanville Prisoner-of-War Camp and the Guelph Reformatory). The ORC may sell the Rockwood Lunatic Asylum in Kingston to the Canada Lands Company or a developer:
The Rockwood Insane Asylum in Kingston, Ontario.

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