Monday, February 25, 2013

The decommissioning of the Kitsilano Coast Guard base and CFB Jericho Beach---It's a real estate deal, nothing more.

1.   CFB Jericho Beach was transferred to the Canada Lands Company, and the land has already been rezoned for single family residential uses. According to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency website: The Transfer of Surplus Lands at CFB Chilliwack Detachment Jericho from the Department of National Defence to Canada Lands Company: 
  "Detachment Jericho is located in a highly desirable residential neighbourhood in the west side of Vancouver....This property is zoned for single family residential uses and represents a significant parcel of undeveloped land within the City of Vancouver."
2.     The Canada Lands Company "buys" federal properties with non-interest bearing promissory notes, in lieu of cash. In fact, Canada Lands Company bought 32 acres of CFB Downsview in Toronto with a non-interest bearing, unsecured promissory note, payable in 50 years. And the Crown corporation kept the money, $19 million dollars, when the land was sold to a couple of big-box stores.
Treasury Board Policy on the Disposal of Surplus Real Property.
Federal order-in-council regarding land at CFB Downsview, Toronto.


3.    The government of Canada still owns the Kitsilano Search and Rescue station, not the province of B.C. According to the Directory of Federal Real Property website: "Property 67659" the Kitsilano CCC SAR Station, Land Area 0.7100 ha. at 1661 Whyte Avenue in Vancouver B.C. is Crown Owned.

 "Property 84341" Kitsilano Base Light, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (Coast Guard) 0.0001 ha. is Occupied Without an Interest.   
   Vanier Park at English Bay is still government of Canada land, and could potentially be transferred to the Canada Lands Company. Until 1964, Vanier Park was RCAF Station Kitsilano. The Directory of Federal Real Property describes the parcel of land as:
"Property 16879"
  Vanier Park
  16.8916 ha. Crown Owned
  Kitsilano-English Bay, Vancouver, British Columbia.
The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, the Vancouver Museum, and the Maritime Museum are major attractions at the park; the site is also popular for joggers, dog walkers and kite flyers.
.The real estate industry in Vancouver probably can't wait to get its hands on Vanier Park---imagine how many high rise condos can be built on 41 acres of waterfront land.
A federal park at Dow's Lake in Ottawa, Queen Juliana Park, has been rezoned by the City of Ottawa, to high-density residential. The City of Ottawa envisions a "wall" of condos lining both sides of Carling Avenue, despite the fact that many business owners in Little Italy are opposed to the densification of this area; despite the fact that Commissioners Park is a memorial to soldiers who liberated the Netherlands during World War 11; despite the fact that the "wall" will obstruct views of Little Italy, Dow's Lake and the Central Experimental Farm National Historic Site.
City of Ottawa zoning changes have an impact, not only on the current citizens of Ottawa, but on future generations, our grandchildren. Canada Lands Company redevelopments have an impact on our quality of life, tourism industry, environment and wildlife.
Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard at Dow's Lake Ottawa in 1967. (Photo is from the Shaw family collection.)

Queen Juliana Park in 1983.
4.   The Canada Lands Company plans to sell every last acre of federal property. Is a country without any government land really a country? The American  government owns 650 million acres of land:
Nevada - 84.5 %                                Idaho - 50.2 %              New Mexico - 41.8 %
Alaska - 69.1 %                                 Arizona - 48.1 %           Colorado - 36.6 %
Utah - 57.4 %                                    California - 45.3 %
Oregon - 53.1 %                               Wyoming - 42.3 %

The proposed transfer of $40 billion dollars worth of GOC real estate to the Canada Lands Company.
 5. In December of 2012, the feds announced the privatization/sale of the Ridley Terminals at the Port of Prince Rupert in BC. The Directory of Federal Real Property website has three colour photos of the 1,119 acre Ridley Island, Property Number 19269.

6.  According to the Fraser Institute, all the national parks in British Columbia should be transferred to the provincial B.C. government. Talk about a disaster in waiting. Several former British Columbia premiers presided over the mass sell-off of B.C.Crown properties--- most notably Gordon "Marathon Man" Campbell, and Bill Vander Zalm, who sold the Expo '86 land to a Hong Kong developer. If the following National Parks are devolved to the province, they will become nothing more than cash cows for resource hungry foreign governments:
The proposed devolution of national parks to the provincial government of  British Columbia.

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