Friday, March 8, 2013

The B.C. Provincial Government is transferring Crown property to the Vancouver Island First Nations..

  The Provincial Capital Commission is a Crown corporation that owns valuable real estate on Vancouver Island.
Between 2003 and 2005, Premier Gordon Campbell demanded that the Crown corporation provide him with a list of properties that could be sold. Revenue from the sale of PCC property will not "balance the budget" --- the Crown corporation is permitted to keep the money from the sale of land and buildings.
In Ontario, the Ontario Provincial Police raided the offices of a Crown corporation that privatizes public real estate, and forensic auditors investigated over 2,000 Ontario Realty Corporation transactions. The ORC owns the Don Jail in Toronto; the former Kingston Psychiatric Hospital and Rockwood in Kingston; Guelph Reformatory, the old Bowmanville Prisoner of War Camp...the list goes on.
Provincial Capital Commission properties that may be privatized:
Victoria's Inner Harbour
The CPR Steamship Terminal Building.
The Crystal Garden:
The Crystal Garden, 713 Douglas Street, Victoria.
812 Wharf Street is a landmark in Victoria; an Art Deco building with a stepped tower(ziggurat).

St. Ann's Academy, another landmark in Victoria, B.C.:
St. Ann's Academy National Historic Site of Canada.
The Stores Building, a 1912 former CPR building.
Cuthbert Holmes Park:
Cuthbert Holmes Park in Saanich.
613 Pandora Avenue, the Headquarters of the Provincial Capital Commission.
A waterfront parking lot near Wharf Street in Victoria.
Undeveloped PCC properties along the TransCanada Highway in Langford.
Forest property on Skirt Mountain.
The Galloping Goose Trail at View Royal.
Quadra Park.
(From: "Public land on the chopping block?" by Roszan Holmen, Goldstream News Gazette, February 24, 2012; and the Provincial Capital Commission website. The article includes a map.)

In late February of 2013, the BC Government announced the transfer of several Crown properties: "Victoria properties transferred to First Nations in treaty deal." by Rob Shaw, Times Colonist, February 26, 2013.
The First Nations now own the headquarters of the Provincial Capital Commission, 613 Pandora Avenue in Victoria.

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