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Government buildings are symbols of democracy.

     The word democracy defines a political system, in which the citizens of a country have the right to participate in decisions that affect their lives.
     The Canada Lands Company is a non-agent Crown corporation that operates at arms-length from the government of Canada, from the people. The Crown corporation describes itself as a "private company":
Canada Lands Company Clc Limited is a private company categorized under Real Estate and located in Charlottetown P.E.
Canada Lands Company Clc Limited is a private company categorized under Real Property Subdividers and Developers - Chilliwack, BC. 
Former Canadian politician Jake Epp said "While the federal government has Royal Prerogative on federal land, meaning it can do what it wants without being subject to municipal by-laws, Canada Lands has the same status as a private developer." (From: "Multi-level Governing-:Getting the Job Done and Respecting Community Difference-Three Winnipeg Cases." - 2007.)
The Crown corporation never was, and never will be, a private business.
1. The Government of Canada appoints the CEO and Directors.
2. The salaries and expense accounts of CEO's and Directors are funded by taxpayers.
3. Federal money is used to decontaminate properties before they are transferred, in pristine condition, to real estate developers. Millions of tax dollars were spent to remediate the former Canadian National Railway properties.
4. CLC land and buildings were collectively owned by the people of this country.
5.  Properties are transferred to the CLC via Privy Council Orders-in-Council, which are signed by the Governor General of Canada.
6. The Federal Heritage Building Review Office has to be consulted, before the Crown corporation can alter, demolish or sell a post office, aircraft hangar, federal penitentiary or any other GOC (Government of Canada) building.
7. In 1983-1984, taxpayers gave the Canada Lands Company $101 million dollars, see the 1984 Report of the Auditor General of Canada, Chapter 13.
Part of a 1997 Maclean's Magazine article about the disposal of Canadian National Railway real estate. The CN Towers, train stations, abandoned railway lines and land were transferred to CN Real Estate.Canada Lands Company.

Now the Canada Lands Company wants to sell $40 billion dollars worth of property owned by DND, Agriculture Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Corrections Canada, Canada Post...the list goes on, see "Let the Future Begin". (The above document is from the Fraser Institute, "Introduction When a Country".) 
In the United States, federal buildings are called "symbols of democracy.":
     "Federal buildings in many communities are the government's most prominent representation, a symbol of democracy" said David Winstead, Commissioner of the Public Buildings Service in the United States."It is important that these spaces are accessible to the public, and that they convey a positive image of the federal government." (2007). The Obama administration wants to sell 14,000 "surplus" federal properties, including buildings, islands and airstrips.

In 2002, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi planned to sell government-owned properties:
The Queen's Villa in Turin.
The 16th Century Palazzo in Naples.
The Island of Nisida Bagnara near Naples.
Three castles.
17th century forts.
150 acres of Sardinia coast land...the list goes on.

Samuel Livingston (1831-1897) was "Calgary's first citizen". A bronze statue of Sam Livingston by Alan Henderson can be seen at the Calgary International Airport. The Canada Lands Company plans to rent the Livingston Federal Building in Calgary, Alberta for five years, then demolish it.
Sam Livingston (From Wikipedia).

Statue of John Wayne at the John Wayne Airport in Orange County, CA. (1991). My sister lives in California.

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