Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Rideau Veterans Land.

In 1985, the federal government gave Senneville one acre of land for $1 dollar:
Canada Lands Company projects in Ottawa, Ontario; Toronto, Ontario and Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island were bitterly opposed by residents, who now have to deal with traffic congestion, high-density housing developments and the loss of green space.

Rideau Veterans Land, Smyth Road in Ottawa.
Many neighbours were vehemently opposed to the redevelopment of the 21 acre property. However, the City of Ottawa approved the massive project:
"Canada Lands Company has acquired the 8.55 ha site of the former Rideau Veterans Home located on Smyth Road in the City of Ottawa...The proposed development is comprised of 17 single-family lots along Smyth Road, 99 two storey semi-detached and townhouse units interior to the site, 115 senior citizen units and a three storey office building." (From: CANADA LANDS COMPANY LIMITED'S PROPOSED SUBDIVISION ON THE FORMER RIDEAU VETERANS SITE - 18 August 2000.)
A past president of the Faircrest Heights Residents Association said the community was "appalled":
"Things tend to get compromised along the way...The builder and CLC are always looking for ways to increase their return."
Satellite and street view images of 363 Smyth Road can be found on Google Maps.

Deerfield Village, Albion Road and Lester Road in Ottawa.
Deerfield Village was constructed on Greenbelt land. During the 1950's, Jacques Greber created the Greenbelt as a living memorial, in perpetuity, to Canada's war dead.
Bill Teron, "The Father of Kanata" and former head of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, told the Ottawa Citizen newspaper that 6,000 acres of the Greenbelt should be sold to developers.
Upton Farm--Charlottetown Prince Edward Island.
Federal MP Shawn Murphy; Prince Edward Island Premier Pat Binns and Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee tried to save the Agriculture Canada experimental farm.
Downsview Park-Toronto.

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