Monday, September 30, 2013

The foreign invasion of Canada created by privatization.

Government of Canada property is routinely sold through Privy Council Orders-in-Council. The people of Canada are never consulted, when embassies, lighthouses, experimental farms, train stations, Olympic venues, Expo '67 pavilions, RCMP buildings, space observatories, baseball stadiums, bridges, military bases and post offices are privatized. Former British Columbia premier Gordon Campbell is selling the Canadian High Commission in London, England for $500 million dollars. The former American Embassy is located in Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, and American Ambassadors Averell Harriman and Joseph Kennedy lived in the mansion during World War 11.
Our Members of Parliament, whom we elect to represent us, cannot even see documents pertaining to the sale of government buildings, see the YouTube video "PSAC President John Gordon gives speech."
In a participatory democracy, ordinary citizens would have the power to veto any sale of public property. We have to sit back and watch helplessly, when foreign governments buy our Crown corporations, land and national historic sites. And the traitors who sell my country to the highest bidder are entitled to lifetime pensions and honourary titles.
China, India and Saudi Arabia are buying huge tracts of land in countries such as New Zealand, to grow food and bio-fuel.
Global resource companies have drilling rights on federal and provincial Crown property--- are companies such as EnCana, Imperial Oil and General Electric paying royalties to ordinary Canadians? It's our land.
We are treated like children, who are too simple-minded to understand the following terms and sentences:

  • Crown assets.
  • Consolidated Revenue Fund - Money from the sale of Crown property is rarely deposited into the Consolidated Revenue Fund, read the Canada Post Corporation Act, the Surplus Crown Assets Act, the Broadcasting Act, the National Capital Act, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Act and Museums Act.
  • Arms-length Crown corporation.
  • Order-in-Council.
  • Promissory Note 
  • Payment for the property will be deferred.
  • Surplus land - the term "surplus land" is an oxymoron, a joke.
  • The federal buildings will be sold and leased back.
Several years ago, the Canadian government planned to sell nine GOC buildings, including the Harry Hays Building in Calgary, the Thomas D'Arcy McGee Building in Ottawa, Skyline Towers in Ottawa and the Sinclair Building in Vancouver, B.C.
Janet Sinclair, daughter of the Hon. James Sinclair, after whom the building is named, and sister of Margaret Trudeau, stood in front of the heritage building and told a rally:
"We thought it was the stupidest thing we ever heard, to sell something you own, and lease it back."
"This is a beautiful building, and it should be owned by the people of Canada."
I struggle to accept the fact that the CNR and CPR hotels are gone---the Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa and Empress Hotel in Victoria, B.C.are currently for sale. To add insult to injury, foreigners owned the Royal York, Jasper Park Lodge, Banff, Chateau Lake Louise,Chateau Frontenac, Chateau Montebello and a dozen more irreplaceable landmarks.
 Samuel de Champlain built a fortress in Quebec City on high ground, to protect the city from foreign invaders. The Chateau Frontenac Hotel was build on the grounds of the fortress--- privatization led to the foreign invasion of the Chateau Frontenac.
The Chateau Frontenac Hotel in Quebec City.(Wikipedia).
The Canadian Pacific Railway was legally obligated to return the CPR hotels, train stations (Windsor Station in Montreal, Summerhill in Toronto..) and millions of acres of land, to the people of Canada. Instead of returning the reversionary properties, the railway decided to create a real estate company, Marathon Realty in 1963. So many lawsuits have been filed against Marathon Realty---see "Attorney General of Canada v Canadian Pacific Limited and Marathon Realty" and Auditor General of Canada reports. Parks Canada and the Department of Justice are currently refusing to intervene, and return the Banff train station to its rightful owners. And the CPR recently closed the Alyth Yards in Calgary, Alberta.

People fight for what they love---I love the songs "O Canada" and "The Maple Leaf Forever;" our Maple Leaf Flag and Coat of Arms;the National Parks; the Dominion Observatory and Experimental Farm in Ottawa; landmarks; heritage buildings, the Prairies and the Rockies; Atlantic Canada lighthouses, buildings and landscapes; museums (I visited the Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump and the Glenbow Museum in Alberta, and Sir John A. Macdonald's home in Kingston, Ontario) and National Historic Sites.
The British Embassy owns Sir John A. Macdonald's home in Ottawa.
Fairmont owns the CPR and CNR railway hotels.
Ottawa's "Mile of History" on Sussex Drive, is almost completely dominated by the American and Middle Eastern embassies, and the Aga Khan owns the former Canadian War Museum and the plot of land next to the Lester B. Pearson Building.
Canada's Coat of Arms and Maple Leaf Flag are stripped from government buildings when they are privatized. During the Middle Ages, the Barbarians also stripped heraldic flags and Coats of Arms from buildings, when they invaded foreign countries.
The Fraser Institute wants to see the devolution of all National Parks in British Columbia to the B.C. provincial government. ("Introduction When A Country")
Ten years ago Walt Disney Corporation and Viacom were interested in buying the CN Tower in Toronto.
Donald Trump built a luxury high rise condo and hotel on railway land in Toronto.
La Ronde, the huge Expo '67 amusement park in Montreal, is now owned and operated by Six Flags, an American company. (My father was a professional photographer, I posted many Expo '67 pictures on my blog:
1.) "The federal government is closing the former American pavilion at Expo '67, because of "budget cuts".
2.) "Family photographs taken at Expo '67".
3.) "Inside the United States Pavilion at Expo '67.")

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