Monday, July 16, 2012

Born, raised and transferred - military brats revisit their homes

     -CFB Saskatoon - It is absolutely criminal the way they stand there all boarded up.
DND has taken to selling off base PMQ's to anyone who wants one for minimal costs, so they don't have to spend, update and fix them.
     -Uplands, Ottawa - pretty much closed.
     -CFB Chatham - closed.
     -CFB Beausejour - closed.
     -Half torn down or closed - Uplands; St. Hubert; Moncton, NB; Summerside; Decimomannu; Marville, France #1 Fighter Wing.
     - Barrie - PMQ's on the Air Force Side have been demolished; plans were in the works for a whole new subdivision.
     - Moise, Quebec -Most of it was still there, although the houses were privately owned.
     - CFB Clinton - Some of it has been let go to rot and ruin and it made me want to cry.
     - Goose Bay - Now the base is pretty much gone...pretty much a ghost town.
     -CFB Alsask - The town as well as the station are in a very bad way. Nearly brings me to tears each time.
     - CFS Foymount - It's sad to see the decay and decrepit shape that the base is in.
     - The only base still in operation that I lived on is is Base Borden. Centralia, Clinton, Puntzi, Rockcliffe, Downsview are all closed.
     - Aylmer, Lachine and Fort Churchill - Closed.
     - CFB Falconbridge - owned by a construction company; rented out to mine workers.
     -Zweibrucken - closed.
     -CFB North Bay - I just recently went for a drive through CFB North Bay, and I was heartbroken to see the house we lived in has been torn down.
      (Using - type in "air force brat's revisit" - see the website Canadian Air Force Brat's Association - Forum - A Forum.)
     Musician Bryan Adams spent time at CFB Rockcliffe, while actor Michael J, Fox grew up at CFB Chilliwack and CFB North Bay in Ontario.

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