Sunday, July 22, 2012

Canada's Unaccountable Crown Corporations

October 2007 - Dozens of federal Crown corporations are unaccountable to Parliament and the citizens of Canada, and profligate in their spending of tax money. A Treasury Board of Canada report confirms what I have long suspected---Canadians are fully liable for any loss of equipment, paintings,furniture, sculptures, archival documents etc. from 40 Crown corporations.
The document "Agent Status and Crown Corporations" states that:
     "The Crown is ultimately fully liable and financially exposed for all actions and decisions by its agent corporation while the corporation is operating within its mandate."
Also, the CBC, Canada Post Corporation etc. operate at arms length from government. In my opinion, any public agency that has access to, and spends billions of tax dollars should never operate at arms length from government, from the people. Shareholders of public companies are demanding more accountability from Wall Street and Bay Street, particularly in regard to golden parachutes and excessive compensation and salaries for top executives and directors.
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
Belledune Port Authority
Business Development Bank of Canada
Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Canada Place Corporation
Canada Post Corporation
Canadian Science and Technology Museum
Canadian Air Transport Security Authority
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Real Estate) - In 1979, my husband and I appeared on the television program "Take '30" starring Harry Brown. The show was taped at the CBC Jarvis Street Headquarters in downtown Toronto. I noticed that the walls inside building were lined with portraits of iconic Canadians - Matthew Halton, Barbara Frum, Gordon Sinclair, Fred Davis, Glenn Gould, Pierre Berton, Betty Kennedy...

My father, George Shaw and Pierre Berton at CJOH-TV in Ottawa, 1963.

The former CBC building in Toronto is now private apartments and a ballet school. The huge parking lot behind the structure was apparently sold to a developer.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Transmission) 
Canadian Commercial Corporation
Canadian Museum of Civilization
Canadian Museum of Nature
Cape Breton Development Corporation
Defence Construction Canada
Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation
Export Development Corporation
Farm Credit Canada
Federal Bridge Corporation Limited
Fraser River Port Authority
Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation
Halifax Port Authority
International Development Research Centre
Montreal Port Authority
Nanaimo Port Authority
National Capital Commission - The Greenbelt that surrounds Ottawa was created to honour Canada's war dead. The Greenbelt is sacred land, and it should not be commercialized.
National Gallery of Canada
North Fraser Port Authority
Parc Downsview Park
Port Alberni Port Authority
Prince Rupert Port Authority
Quebec Port Authority.
Royal Canadian Mint
Saguenay Port Authority
Saint John Port Authority
Sept-Illes Port Authority
St. John's Port Authority
Thunder Port Authority
Trois-Rivieres Port Authority
Vancouver Port Authority
Windsor Port Authority
(Google "Directory of Federal Real Property"website ---go to Custodian---Custodian Agent Crown Corporation equals).

I believe that Canada's Crown corporations are irreplaceable---the people of this country created the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, port authorities,  national museums; Canada Place in Vancouver with its white sails...What I resent, is the hollowing out of these institutions.
American Bill Gates is a major shareholder of Canada's first Crown corporation, CN Rail, which was built, physically and through their tax dollars, by Canadians.

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