Thursday, July 19, 2012


     The following comment was posted on the Canadian Air Force Brat's Association website:
                                                        RETURNING TO THE PAST
     "Rockcliffe was an idealistic place to live by any standards. I will always remember it as a little piece of Heaven on earth during my time there. I started kindergarten there and went to Viscount Alexander School. I remember so many good times and friends that I could sit here an write for a very long time. They say you never miss the well until the water runs dry, and I never really understood how wonderful Rockcliffe was until after I left... In July 2009 I made my final and last visit to what was left of the Rockcliffe I had once known. I have not words to describe what I saw compared to what I once knew...I must tell you that wandering around through the empty streets and viewing the derelict run down homes was a very emotional experience...The PMQ's to me seemed like Tomb Stones in a grave yard."

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