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Agriculture Canada was "the envy of the world" - statement by the Hon. Eugene Whelan, Minister of Agriculture in the Government of Prime Minister Trudeau.

From: "The Canadian Encyclopedia"  1985 by Hurtig Publishers Ltd.
National Research Institutes - with headquarters in Ottawa:
  1. Biosystematics Research Institute
  2. Chemistry and Biology Research Institute
  3. Engineering and Statistical Research Institute
  4. Food Research Institute
  5. Land Resource Research Institute
Agriculture Canada Experimental Farms 
  1. Nappan, N.S.
  2. Buctouche, N.B.
  3. La Pocatiere, Quebec
  4. Normandin, Quebec
  5. L'Assomption, Quebec
  6. Ottawa, Ontario
  7. Kapuskasing, Ontario
  8. Thunder Bay, Ontario
  9. Smithfield, Ontario
  10. Fort Vermilion, Alberta
  11. Indian Head, Sask.
  12. Prince George, B.C.
Agriculture Canada Research Stations
  1. St. John's, Nfld.
  2. Kentville, NS
  3. Charlottetown, PEI
  4. Fredericton, NB
  5. Ste-Foy, Quebec
  6. St. Jean, Quebec
  7. Lennoxville, Quebec
  8. Vineland, Ontario
  9. Delhi, Ontario
  10. Harrow, Ontario
  11. Ottawa, Ontario
  12. London, Ontario
  13. Lethbridge, Alberta
  14. Lacombe, Alberta
  15. Beaverlodge, Alberta
  16. Swift Current, Sask.
  17. Saskatoon, Sask.
  18. Melfort, Sask.
  19. Regina, Sask.
  20. Winnipeg, Manitoba
  21. Brandon, Manitoba
  22. Morden, Manitoba
  23. Summerland, BC
  24. Kamloops, BC
  25. Vancouver, BC
  26. Agassiz, BC
  27. Saanichton (Sidney), BC
-June 24 1995 - Disposal of Swine Station, 4 Buildings and Lands, Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario.
-June 29 1995 - Disposal of Property (Land) Swine Test Station, Kitchener Ontario.
-July 1995 - Disposal of Research Station, Vegreville Alberta. (My uncle worked at the Vegreville
station for 35 years.)
-August 1995- Disposal of Property/site of old inspection station - Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec.
-September 1995 - Decommissioning Regina Research Station, Weeds Greenhouse.
-November 1995 - Disposal of Lots 91 and 92 - West Val Marie Irrigation Project - sale of surplus land, West Poplar, Sask.
-November 1995 - Disposal of Swine Test Station - St-Cyrille de Wendover Quebec.
-December 19, 1995 - Disposal of Swine Test Station, Brandon Manitoba.
-January 1996 - Disposal of Property/Fort Erie Inspection Station, Welland Ontario.
-February 5, 1996 - Disposal of Property/Smithfield Research Farm, Belleville, Ontario.
-February 13 1996 - Disposal of Property/ Thunder Bay Experimental Farm Ontario.
-April 1996 - Transfer sale of land to the City of Swift Current.
-April 1996 - Disposal of Property - Lavaltrie, Quebec (Land) Montreal.
-Decommissioning of federal property at Victoria, British Columbia; lease of Park to Provincial Capital Commission.
-May 30 1996 - Kentville, Nova Scotia - Disposal of Burgher Hill property.
-May 30 1996 - Kentville, disposal of Land, north of Main Street.
-May 30 1996 - Disposal of Sheffield Farm House.
-August 1996 - Decommissioning the Prince George Experimental Farm, Kamloops.
-June 16 1999 - Disposal of Ridge Farm, Harrow Ontario. (Source of information: The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency website). In 1985, Agriculture Canada owned more than 1 million acres of land. The document below is from "The Nielsen Report" Library and Archives Canada:

In the year 2005, AAFC planned to decommission four experimental farms: The Atlantic Cool Crop Research Centre, St. John's NL; The Crops and Livestock Research Centre, Nappan Nova Scotia; The Cereal Research Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba and the Dairy and Swine Research Centre, Kapuskasing, Ontario. (Source of info: "CBC Ottawa - Feds closing 4 Experimental Farms" February 25/05). As of August 27 2012, the Farms are still operating.
The Fraser Institute wants to see all Agriculture Canada properties in B.C. devolved to the province of British Columbia, or privatized---google the exact phrase "Introduction When a Country".

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