Saturday, August 4, 2012

Federal laws encourage the sale of Crown corporations, museum property and government real estate.

 The National Capital Act (1985) - 10. (2) The Commission may, for the purposes of this Act,  (b) sell, grant, convey, lease or otherwise dispose of or make available to any person any property, subject to such conditions as it considers necessary or desirable.
(The Greenbelt that surrounds Ottawa was envisioned by a French planner, Jacques Greber, as a memorial, a living tribute to Canada's war dead. Yet the City of Ottawa is already planning massive residential and commercial developments on Greenbelt land:
     "The City of Ottawa White Paper, Development in the Greenbelt, proposes to develop up to 25% of the Greenbelt for residential development; as well, the Ottawa Airport Master Plan suggesting business parks and other commercial developments in the Greenbelt, some of them in wetland areas. "(From: April 2010 the FLASH,

Broadcasting Act (1991) - 48 (1) - subject to subsection (2) the Corporation may purchase, lease or otherwise acquire any real or personal property that the Corporation deems necessary or convenient for carrying out its objects and may sell, lease or otherwise dispose of all or any part of any property or any property acquired by it. (Glenn Gould recorded albums at the CBC Jarvis Street Complex in Toronto. The huge parking lot at CBC Headquarters in Vancouver B.C. was sold to a Hong Kong developer, who constructed TV Tower 1 and TV Tower 2 on the land.)

The Teleglobe Canada Reorganization and Divestiture Act - (1987).

The Telesat Canada Reorganization and Divestiture Act  (1991) ( The Trudeau government created the ANIK satellite in 1972. ANIK is an Inuit word meaning "little brother").

The Surplus Crown Assets Act (1985) - Surplus Property - 3. (b) subject to such terms and conditions as the Treasury Board may prescribe, sell, exchange, transfer to another department, lease, lend or otherwise dispose of or deal with the assets, either gratuitously or for consideration.
( Nine hundred-acre military bases and government buildings are classified as "Surplus Crown Assets". ORDER-IN-COUNCIL - October 23, 1986 - Surplus Crown Assets Act - the former CFS FALCONBRIDGE. Authority for the Minister to sell 259 ha. of land to General Leaseholds Ltd.

ORDER-In-COUNCIL- March 10, 1994 - Financial Administration Act - Agreement with the University of London Library - transfer to the University Library the title and possession of the Canada House Library Collection at the Canadian High Commission in London, England.

1992 June 29 - TB - Surplus Crown Assets Act - Sale to the City of Montreal of some 14 hectares of surplus land in Lafontaine Park, Montreal, Quebec.

 Heritage Railway Stations Protection Act (1985) - 6. A railway company that plans  (a) to remove, destroy or alter or to sell, assign, transfer or otherwise dispose of a heritage railway station owned by it or otherwise under its control - shall file an application for authorization to do so with the Minister...
(During the 1990's there were plans to convert Union Station in Ottawa into a hockey museum. The building is still owned by the  government. Railway stations were converted into banquet halls, museums,, day care centres...)

Union Station in Ottawa, Ontario.

Union Station in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
The Museums Act (1990) - The National Gallery of Canada, The Canadian Museum of Civilization, The Canadian Museum of Nature and the National Museum of Science and Technology may:...sell, exchange, give away, destroy or otherwise dispose of objects of historical or cultural interest and other museum material in its collection and use any revenue therefrom to further its collection.

National Arts Centre Act (1985) - 10. In carrying out its objects under this Act, the Corporation may (b) acquire by gift, bequest or devise real, personal, movable and immovable property, and, despite anything in this Act, expend, administer or dispose of any such property, subject to the terms, if any, on which it was given, bequeathed or devised to the Corporation.

Canada Post Corporation Act (1985) - Property - 16 (2) Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), the Corporation may acquire, hold, lease, sell or dispose of any real or personal property. In 1984, Canada Post owned 2,200 buildings, worth $1.4 billion dollars, see the 1984 Auditor General of Canada Report, Chapter 13.

Forestry Act (1985) - The Governor in Council may establish a Forest Experimental Area and may withdraw lands or add lands to a Forest Experimental Area.

Canadian National Parks Act (2000) - "public lands" means lands, that belong to Her Majesty in right of Canada or that the Government of Canada has the power to dispose of, whether or not such disposal is subject to the terms of any agreement between the Government of Canada and the government of a province.


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