Friday, September 28, 2012

The many reasons why Canada's national libraries must be saved.

  1. When he was Canada's Minister of National Defence from 1963 to 1967, Paul Hellyer saw files relating to unidentified flying objects. Mr. Hellyer believes that evidence confirming the existence of UFO's is being covered up. Former American Presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter; USSR Leader Mikhail Gorbachev and Professor Stephen Hawking believe in the existence of alien races; and the following American astronauts actually saw UFO's:
 Major Gordon Cooper; Donald Slayton; Major Robert White; Joseph A. Walker; Commander Eugene Cernan; Ed White and James McDivitt; James Lovell and Frank Borman; Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin; and Maurice Chatelain and Scott Carpenter. If the Defence Department throws away its archives, all DND reports about extraterrestrial sightings and alien encounters with human beings will be lost forever. 
The Honourable Paul Hellyer (third from left) with the Rt. Hon. Lester Pearson, 14th Prime Minister of Canada; the Rt. Hon. John Diefenbaker, 13th Prime Minister of Canada, and the Honourable Tommy Douglas, Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada from 1961 until 1971.(From: The Shaw Family collection of photographs.)

2.  Historical documents could explain why the Diefenbaker government scrapped the Avro Arrow. February 20, 1959 is known as "Black Friday" in Canadian history. The $400 million dollar Avro Arrow became a pile of scrap metal; 14,525 aviation employees lost their jobs, and the Avro Arrow is known as "Canada's Broken Dream". According to legend, parts of the delta-winged interceptor plane were smuggled out of the country, or buried in Toronto; and some of the blueprints may have been rescued from shredding machines.  Dan Aykroyd starred in the four-hour miniseries "The Arrow" (1997) which I have not seen in years, I hope the CBC will rebroadcast the miniseries, it was excellent:
The Avro Arrow, built at Malton, Ontario.
 3.   The Chibougamau military base in Quebec sat on top of the Chibougamau Goldfields; coincidentally, the radar base was decommissioned, and bought by Remax and a metal company.
In 2006, the EnCana Corporation planned to drill 1,275 new shallow gas wells, and install pipelines within the CFB Suffield Alberta National Wildlife Area. I hope the British Columbia government NEVER  gets ownership of the Pacific Rim; Gulf Islands; Mount Revelstoke; Kootenay; Glacier; Yoho and Gwaii Haanas National Parks. However, the Fraser Institute is quite influential, and their recommendations are taken seriously . (Google "Introduction When a Country").

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