Thursday, October 11, 2012

Canada's transportation infrastructure

CPR land and buildings were sold via Privy Council Orders-in-Council, which means one thing:

The CPR Station at Grand Forks, British Columbia.

Windsor Station in Montreal, for sale again in August of 2007. (From: A classified ad in the Globe and Mail newspaper.)
Privy Council Order-in-Council - 1992 - Sale of a CPR Railway Station at Grand Forks, B.C. to Dover Financial Group.
Privy Council Order-in-Council - January 28, 1993 - Heritage Railway Stations Act - Canadian Pacific Limited to sell Windsor Station and land in Montreal.
Former prime ministers of Canada, court documents and Auditor General of Canada reports confirm the fact that CPR reversionary property is legally owned by Canadian citizens. That includes the Husky Tower in Calgary Alberta,which was built on the grounds of a demolished CP train station in Calgary.

As I have mentioned before, Prime Minister Trudeau tried to return CPR land to the people of Canada, see my August 16, 2012 blog "Why does a foreign prince own the Queen Elizabeth Hotel?".The Queen Elizabeth Hotel and the Chateau Laurier were CNR hotels, while the CPR owned the Royal York, Chateau Montebello, Chateau Frontenac, Chateau Lake Louise...the list goes on. No wonder Library and Archives Canada is decentralizing and "divesting" (getting rid of) thousands of books and documents---probably the Hansard Canada books, dozens of Privy Council volumes, Erik Nielsen documents and the massive CPR fonds.  Are CPR maps/evidentiary documents/ judicial investigations/archival real estate deeds and geological and mineralogical maps being shredded or burned?

German/Canadian businessman Karlheinz Schreiber told a national Canadian newspaper that Canadians will "go out of their minds" when they find out what he knows. (From: Schreiber seeks public inquiry - November 10, 2007.) And Karlheinz Schreiber told a reporter at the German magazine der Spiegel: "I could create the most horrible Watergate here when I want to."
The CPR and CNR railway stations in Montreal are National Historic Sites of Canada.

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