Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is quietly selling millions of dollars worth of land, transmission towers, analogue television equipment and buildings. Apparently nothing is sacred at the CBC---100,000 record albums and CD's are gone, as well as the Hockey Night in Canada theme song, which was referred to as "Canada's second national anthem". At least people can hear the "Hockey Night In Canada" song on hundreds of YouTube videos.

The Glenn Gould statue in front of CBC Headquarters in Toronto.
According to the August 30, 2012 article "CBC/Radio-Canada puts surplus transmission assets up for sale":      "The assets for sale consist of land, transmission towers, analogue transmission equipment, and related buildings, located at 100 different locations across the country." 
Last summer, the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission) received many complaints from ordinary Canadians, for shutting down analogue television service; low-income and rural Canadians were particularly affected by the decision. The CBC mandate is--- to serve the people of Canada; to preserve our heritage and to provide broadcasting services from coast to coast to coast.

  On July 1, 1994, Canada's National Broadcaster owned properties in British Columbia worth $50,830,700 million dollars:

From: "Introduction When a Country".
A huge CBC warehouse at 2555 Douglas Road in Burnaby, British Columbia, pictured below, was sold to Lordco Auto Parts for $6 million dollars.  

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