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In March of 2010, one thousand Canadian lighthouses were declared surplus.

Classified and Recognized heritage lighthouses in British Columbia. (From: The Federal Heritage Building Review Office, Gatineau Quebec.)
The following lighthouses in B.C. were staffed and operated by the Canadian Coast Guard: (From: Lighthouses of British Columbia.)
Langara Point                                                               Chatham Point
Green Island                                                                 Cape Mudge
Triple Island                                                                 Chrome Island
Bonilla Island                                                                Merry Island
Boat Bluff                                                                     Entrance Island
McInnes Island                                                             Trial Island
Ivory Island                                                                  Cape Scott
Dryad Point                                                                  Quatsino
Addenbroke                                                                 Nootka
Egg Island                                                                     Estevan Point
Pine Island                                                                    Lennard Island
Scarlett Point                                                                Cape Beale
Pulteney Point                                                               Pachena Point
                                                                                    Carmanah Point

In 2004, the Musqueam Indian Band stopped the "disposal" of a Coast Guard Transmitter base at Richmond, B.C., by stating that "irreparable harm will occur if the Garden City property is transferred before the determination of the judicial review application." 
See:                            Musqueam Indian Band (Applicant)
  Canada - Governor in Council of Canada, Treasury Board of Canada, The Honourable Robert Thibault, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada Lands Company Limited, Canada Lands Company CLC Limited, City of Richmond, Attorney General of British Columbia and Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs.(Respondents).
The closure of the Kitsilano and Dartmouth Coast Guard bases and ten Marine Communication and Traffic Services centres, may contravene a federal law, The Oceans Act.
                                         The Oceans Act (1996)
                                         Coast Guard Services
41. (1)  As the Minister responsible for coast guard services, the powers, duties and functions of the Minister extend to and include all matters over which Parliament has jurisdiction, not assigned by law to any other department, board or agency of the Government of Canada relating to
     (a.) services for the safe, economical and efficient movement of ships in Canadian waters through the provision of
     (1.) aids to navigation systems and services, (eEmphasis mine--A.S.-- the lighthouses that were divested were aids to navigation.)
     (11) marine communications and traffic management services, (Emphasis mine--A.S--The Canada Lands Company acquired the Oakville, Ontario and Richmond B.C. MCTS properties. And the federal government is decommissioning MCTS centres in St. John's and St. Anthony, NL; Saint John N.B.; Riviere au Renauld and Montreal, Quebec; Thunder Bay, Ontario; Vancouver, Tofino and Comox, BC; and Inuvik, NWT.)
     (111) ice breaking and ice management services, and
     (1V)  channel maintenance.

(b.) The marine component of the federal search and rescue program; (Emphasis mine--A.S.)
(c.) {Repealed; 2005}
(d.) marine pollution response, and
(e.) the support of departments, boards and agencies of the Government of Canada through the provision of ships, aircraft and other marine services.

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