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Government of Canada real estate deals.

The winners and losers when federal property is privatized:
 Prince al Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia; the Aga Khan; real estate corporations Trizec, Cadillac Fairview and Claridge; friends of politicians, Carl Icahn of New York City; multinational corporations including General Electric; the real estate arm of the Canadian Pacific Railway, Marathon Realty;the real estate arm of the Canadian National Railway, Canada Lands Company; Downsview Park; the National Capital Commission; Canada Post; the CBC; Canada Mortgage and Housing, owners of baseball and hockey stadiums....
Ordinary Canadians, who collectively own the billions of dollars worth of Crown property that is being sold through Orders-in-Council.
1. In 1990, the military base in Summerside, Prince Edward Island was sold to a private company for a dollar.
2.  Canada Lands Company bought CFB Rockcliffe in Ottawa with a $27 million dollar promissory note.Canada is one of the richest countries in the world, therefore I cannot understand why my country is being demilitarized, through the transfer of DND bases---
 CFB London, Ontario (Wolseley Barracks); CFB Downsview in Toronto; CFB Edmonton (Griesbach Barracks); CFB Shearwater (a few years ago, CFB Shearwater was returned to the government); CFB Calgary; CFB Winnipeg (Kapyong Barracks), CFB Namao; CFB Nanaimo, CFB Chilliwack; CFB Jericho Beach in Vancouver, British Columbia; CFS Albro Lake in Dartmouth; CFB Moncton, New Brunswick; Shannon Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CFB Pleasantville, St. John's, Newfoundland; the Ortona Barracks, Oakville Ontario and CFB Montreal (St. Hubert).
CFB Rockcliffe in 1983. From: "1984-1985 Federal Property Profiles-National Capital Region". The book can be found in The Ottawa Room, Ottawa Public Library at Laurier.
3. In 1998, the National Capital Commission attempted to buy the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa for a dollar. (See the Ottawa Citizen article "Behind closed doors; With no one allowed to watch and listen, members of the National Capital Commission ponder making deals with Nortel, battling El Nino and buying the Experimental Farm for $1 dollar." by Tom Spears, the Ottawa Citizen - 24 August 1998.)

The Experimental Farm in Ottawa - 1983. (Above)
A Privy Council Order-in-Council that resulted in the sale of Farm land in February of  1988. (The Order-in-Council books can be found at Library and Archives Canada on Wellington Street in Ottawa.)
4. Canada Harbour Place in Vancouver, B.C. was a Canada Lands Company subsidiary. Hundreds of millions of tax dollars were spent to build Harbour Place for Expo '86. The Fraser Institute lobbied for the privatization of Canada Place.
In 1986, Harbour Place owned a cruise ship terminal, the Pan Pacific Hotel, a World Trade Centre Office Complex, a CN Imax Theatre, parking for 700 cars, restaurants, gift shops, an outdoor amphitheater and the iconic pavilion:
Canada Place in Vancouver, British Columbia.
 5. Mountain Forest (CMHC) - The Canadian government sold the Blair Rifle Range to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation for $1 dollar. In 1994, the Fraser Institute lobbied for the transfer of the 600+ acre property to the B.C. provincial government.

The former Blair Rifle Range in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

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