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The Balkanization of the Canadian Pacific Railway

The CPR may have illegally sold and given away thousands of railway properties, that should have reverted to the Crown when they were no longer needed by the company.
Marathon Realty, real estate arm of the CPR, turned "Canada's National Dream", the founding of the CPR, into "Canada's National Nightmare" with their wanton destruction of grain elevators and train stations, sale of the railway hotels, and decommissioning of railway lines.
The following CPR reversionary properties should be collectively owned by all Canadians:
Montreal, Quebec
Adirondack Subdivision
Angus Shops
Dorval Station Grounds
Drummond and Laugauchetiere Street - Land and Buildings.
Hochelaga Yard
Jean-Talon Train Station - was sold to the City of Montreal in 1984.
Le Chateau Champlain Hotel
Mile End Yard (Village of Cote St. Louis).
Papineau Yard
Place Viger
Place du Canada and the IBM-Marathon Tower were built on CPR land.
Pointe Claire - Pt. Valois Station.
St. Denis Yard
Wentworth Golf Course - Ville St. Pierre and City of Lachine - "This property is leased 'in perpetuity' to Canadian Pacific Railway (now Canadian Pacific Limited) who in turn has granted a 'right to use' to Marathon Realty Company Limited, but in accordance with your instructions this lease and 'right to use' have been ignored for the purpose of this appraisal, the purpose of which is to determine the present Market Value of the property in fee simple (freehold), free and clear of all encumbrance."
Windsor Station - CPR executive Dufferin (Duff) Roblin said Windsor Station would be demolished "for one of the biggest building projects in the world."
The former Jean-Talon CPR train station in Montreal, Gare Jean-Talon.(Wikipedia photo)
Toronto, Ontario- The Dufferin Mall, a shopping centre, was constructed on CPR land.
 Land North of King Street East and Dufferin Street and south of Queen Street, Mile 1.83 Galt Subdivision.
Bathurst North of Lakeshore.
Cherry Street Yard, fronting Mill Street.
Fez City Yards, Bathurst.
Fronting Yonge Street and Shaftesbury Avenue with Land and Buildings.
Front and Beachell Streets.
Fronting on Front Street and Spadina Avenue.
Mile 4.03 - North Toronto, Shaw Street.
North Toronto Subdivision, fronting Birch Avenue.
Parkdale Yards, fronting King Street.
A parcel of land of irregular feature fronting Marlborough Avenue and Yonge Street - Summerhill Station - Marathon planned to bulldoze the train station and build 700 houses on the site,but they faced bitter opposition from the community. The saga is documented in the 1971 book "Marlborough Marathon - One Street Against a Developer" by Canadian historian J.L Granatstein.
Royal York Hotel.
Union Station - Marathon wanted to knock down Union Station to facilitate the construction of a development called "Metro City." The City of Toronto eventually bought the landmark, and the City is now selectively demolishing the building.
Roy Thomson Hall was built on CPR reversionary land.
West Toronto Yard - Keele and West Toronto.

Staines, Ontario - Scarborough - Fronting Finch Avenue.
Scarborough - Warden Avenue.
Etobicoke - North Queen Street.

Calgary, Alberta - (Telecommunications Building Site) - A parcel of land at the South East corner of 2nd Street S.E. and 9th Avenue S.E. Acreage - 0.69. Book Value - $1 Dollar.
The Husky Tower is a 600 foot observation tower and revolving restaurant, built in 1968.
Palliser Hotel.

Vancouver, British Columbia
Coal Harbour
Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
The Hotel Vancouver in British Columbia. (Wikipedia photo)
False Creek-12.837 acres. Book value $1 Dollar. The province of British Columbia paid Marathon Realty $60 million dollars for the Expo '86 land in False Creek.

Victoria, British Columbia
CPR Steamship Terminal-The Royal London Wax Museum was forced to move a few years ago.
Crystal Garden
Empress Hotel.

Quebec City, Quebec
Le Chateau Frontenac Hotel - The terrace level (basement) is being deconstructed to build a new banquet hall.
Fronting Haldimand Street and Mont Carmel Street. Land - $44, 593.  Building - U.C.C. - $68,571.
Gare du Palais (Palace Station) - is similar in design to the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac Hotel.
Gare du Palais in Quebec City, Quebec.
Winnipeg, Manitoba-The Royal Alexandra Hotel is gone, and the CPR station was sold to the Manitoba provincial government.

Lethbridge, Alberta - The Lethbridge Community Health Centre is located in the former train station, 801 1st. Avenue South. Two of my brothers worked for the CPR in Lethbridge in the early 1970's.

Edmonton, Alberta- Strathcona Station. Decommissioned in 1980.

More Ontario properties that Marathon acquired during the years 1966 and 1967.
Belleville - Mile 112.6 - Between Division and Ontario.
Belleville Station.
Bowmanville - Liberty Street.
Brockville - South side of Louis Street, Land and Buildings. Concession Road.
Carelton Place - Highway 29.
Chatham - Prince Street; Adelaide and King; Centre and Park.
Cobourg - Mile 136.5 and Mile 136.6 Fronting Old Lakeshore Road.
Durham - Lambton Street.
Guelph - Fronting on Speedvale Avenue.
Kingston - Mile 102, Fronting Patrick Street.
London - Talbot and Oxford; Spanner Street; Waterloo and Kenneth.
North Bay - Timmins Street.
Ottawa - Mile 84.6 - Fronting St. Laurent Boulevard.
Parry Sound - Armstrong Street.
Perth - Harvey Street.
Port Hope - Mile 141.3 - King Street.
Smiths Falls - Land fronting William and Victoria.
Sudbury - Lorne, Elm and Brady.
Whitby - Station Grounds.

Lands - Canadian Niagara Falls.

Now the CPR is trying to reclaim land that it sold decades ago. According to the Internet article "CP Rail sues for mineral, timber rights on B.C. land. Railway company seeks damages and title to 800,000 acres" by CBC News, May 31, 2013- "CP claims it never gave up resource rights on more than 800,000 acres of land it transferred to private owners and the province."

The 168-acre Alyth Yards in Calgary, Alberta are now "surplus" and they should be returned to the federal government, the Crown. CP Rail executives and shareholders are getting rich from the sale of freight yards, train stations and decommissioned railway lines. They are profiting from the balkanization of the "ribbon of steel" that once united Canada from coast-to-coast.

Marathon and CP Rail own CPR rights-of-way in perpetuity. Coincidentally (not) the CPR was part owner of Bow River Pipelines Ltd., which Canadian Pacific Oil and Gas used to transport natural gas to Trans Canada Pipelines and Canadian Western Natural Gas.
The American mega-corporation General Electric and Oxford Realty paid almost a billion dollars for Marathon Realty in 1996. GE Oil and Gas is a major drilling subsidiary of General Electric, I am sure the corporation owns drilling, mining, timber and water rights and rights-of-way on CPR land, why else would they pay almost billion dollars to Marathon Realty.
Companies such as Bell, Rogers and Enbridge use Canadian National Railway and CPR rights-of-way, in fact Rogers Communications wants to put a cellular tower on CPR land in Banff, Alberta.

During the mid-1970's I studied journalism at Mount Royal College in Calgary, Alberta.
 The Calgary Albertan newspaper printed MRC's weekly journal. My classmates and I visited the Albertan printing plant, a building located on CPR land. Marathon Realty Assistant General Manager Rod Sykes raised the rent on the printing plant, from $900 dollars a year to $20,000 dollars a year. Rod Sykes later became mayor of Calgary. (From:"Canadian Pacific-A Portrait of Power" by Susan Goldenberg, page 14.)

Duff Roblin planned to redevelop a CPR property in downtown Ottawa, Ontario that was eventually sold to the Westin Hotel corporation. ("Canadian Pacific-A Portrait of Power" Page 134.)

The CPR and Canadian National Railway donated thousands of miles of abandoned railway lines and rights of way to the Trans Canada Trail, a Bronfman foundation.

Canadian whistleblower Glen Kealey said "The bargain basement discount sale of the CNR for $2 billion dollars was actually the right of way sale for the GRAND Canal's rail bed." GRAND Canal (Grand Recycling and Northern Development Canal) is a massive water diversion and dam project that would divert Canadian freshwater to the United States and Mexico. The fresh water canals will also transport lumber, oil, minerals and refrigerated Alberta beef. Once the barges are emptied, they will be filled with American hospital garbage and nuclear waste and shipped to British Columbia.
Glen Kealey predicted that "Canadians are to become the hewers of wood and drawers of water and raw resources."

More CPR properties that Marathon Realty purchased for little or no money at all in 1966:
Calgary - Laggan Subdivision - Section 15 and 5 and a half, and NW Section 16, Twp. 24, Rge. 1, W 5th M. - 39.42 acres. $1 dollar.
Olds - Mile 56.3 Red Deer Subdivision - 13.58 acres, $1,127 dollars and 10 cents.
Didsbury - Mile 48.4, Red Deer Subdivision - 12.98 acres. $1,190 dollars and 20 cents.
Carstairs - Mile 39.4, Red Deer Subdivision - 9.73 acres. $700 dollars and 92 cents.
Calgary (Turner Siding) Mile 5.0, Macleod Subdivision - NE Section 21, Twp. 23, Rge. 1, W 5th M. 7.19 acres. $388 dollars and 26 cents.
Innisfail - Mile 75.25, Red Deer Subdivision - 2.80 acres. $219 dollars and 24 cents.
Crossfield - Mile 28.9 Red Deer Subdivision - 8.9 acres, $689 dollars and 87 cents.
Cochrane - Mile 22.86, Laggan Subdivision  27.73, $11 dollars and 45 cents.
Canmore - Mile 673, Laggan Subdivision  49.14 acres, $1 dollar.

Toronto, Ontario - A parcel of land of irregular figure, City of Toronto, County of York, fronting on Millard and Parliament Streets. $1,940 dollars.
Toronto - Galt Subdivision - City of Toronto, County of York, fronting on Cariboo and Osler Avenue - $2,028 dollars. The Ontario provincial government's Go Transit operates on Galt Subdivision railway tracks.
Sudbury - Mileage 78.12 - Cartier Subdivision - $99 dollars.
London - Mileage 0.04 - Windsor Subdivision - A parcel of land of irregular feature, City of London, County of Middlesex, fronting on Richmond and Pall Mall Streets - Book Value - $175 dollars.
Windsor - City of Windsor, County of Essex, fronting on Tecumseh Road. $3,351.00

Montreal - Lot 4720, Parish of Montreal, Westmount Subdivision - Property Section L63B - $4,575 dollars.
Montreal West - Mileage 0.1 Winchester Subdivision $13,924 dollars.
Sherbrooke - $38.00.
Sherbrooke - $47.00
Iberville - Adirondack Subdivision - $171.00.
Magog - A parcel of land of irregular feature, forming Pt. Lot 1678, Town of Magog, fronting St. Patrick and Millette Streets.$28 dollars.
Magog - Town of Magog, fronting on Main Street. $25.00 dollars.

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