Monday, November 18, 2013

Privatization benefits the rich, not ordinary citizens.

A February 1980 article in Macleans Magazine by Liberal Senator Eugene Forsey.
Many individuals and corporations profited from the sale of Canadian Crown property:
Prince al Waleed bin Talal - owned Canada's CN and CPR hotels.
Carl Icahn - owned the CN and CPR hotels
Bill Gates is a major shareholder of a privatized Crown corporation, the Canadian National Railway.
The Six Flags Corporation - the American amusement park company bought La Ronde, part of Expo 67 in Montreal.
Donald Trump bought Canadian National Railway land in Toronto and built the Trump Tower on it.
The Slemon Park Corporation was practically given the massive Canadian Forces Base in Summerside Prince Edward Island.

 At one time, "The Universal Man" stood at the base of the CN Tower-- the statue is now relegated to a shopping centre parking lot:
"The Universal Man" by Gerald Gladstone, in Toronto Ontario.

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