Monday, November 18, 2013

Privatization benefits the rich, not ordinary citizens.

A February 1980 article in Macleans Magazine by Liberal Senator Eugene Forsey.
British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher denationalized thousands of council flats in England, which were affordable housing units.Who profited from the "right-to-buy" program? The son of Margaret Thatcher's housing minister and his wife, who own 40 apartments.
Developers, who are selling former Crown property for millions of dollars. Kirstie Allsop and Phil Spencer frequently sell council apartments on their television program "Location,Location,Location."
The Mulroney government left office with a $600 billion dollar debt and a $40 billion dollar deficit, after privatizing dozens of Crown corporations.
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty appointed several prominent Canadians to the Economic Advisory Council in 2008. James A. Pattison recently opened Ripley's Aquarium of Canada at the base of the CN Tower. At one time, "The Universal Man" stood at the base of the CN Tower-- the statue is now relegated to a shopping centre parking lot:
"The Universal Man" by Gerald Gladstone, in Toronto Ontario.
Carole Taylor was a Fairmont Hotel's and Resorts director, finance minister of British Columbia and head of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
The heirs of Donald Trump will own property that should be owned by my descendants---the Trump International Hotel and Tower, 325 Bay Street in Toronto was constructed on Canadian National Railway land. CN Rail was a Crown corporation from 1912 until 1996,now Bill Gates is the railway company's biggest shareholder.
Star Wars creator George Lucas and the Walt Disney Corporation bought land at a decommissioned military base in San Francisco, The Presidio. The Clinton administration decommissioned over 100 military bases, including the Presidio, the El Toro Marine Base and the Long Beach Naval Station, all in California. Hillary Clinton was a Wal-Mart director from 1986 until 1992---Wal-Mart is attempting to build stores on former Revolutionary War and Civil War battlefields, federal land.
Barrick Gold, the biggest gold company in the world, paid $10,000 dollars for American federal land in Nevada that held billions of dollars worth of gold.

The Russian Space Agency and Richard Branson are involved with Space Tourism, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is privatizing space travel.

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